Sunday, July 28, 2013

Flooring has arrived!

I have been on the hunt for flooring that matches the laminate that is in the living room.  I wanted the flooring to match all the way through the big rooms of the house.  We currently have 7 different flooring options (4 different tiles, 1 carpet, 1 linoleum, 1 laminate), and I hate it.  I know the house would be so much more cohesive if the living room, kitchen, and office, all had the same flooring.  After months of hunting around, some guessing, and some disappointment, I finally found the flooring that matches the living room, at Floor and Decor.  The same place we got our bathroom tile from.
I had to special order the floor, which was suppose to arrive in 7-10 days, well, 23 days later it arrived.  I made about 7 phone calls to the store to figure out what was going on.  I never did find out what the delay was, but luckily, we won't be installing this until next year.

Sorry for the poor quality photo, this is from my iphone.  That's 500 sq ft of flooring, and 18 feet of t-molding.  It's going to be great when we finally install this.  This is completely transform the look of the house.
Sunday, July 21, 2013

Room-by-Room List

So it seems that one of my failed 2012 and current 2013 resolutions had already been done.  I was suppose to do a room-by-room list of tasks we want to complete.  Based on what's on the list, I believe I did this about the time we bought the house.  We get to see our 22 month progress now though.  The items in black are original (2011), blue are new (2013), and slashed are done, and green slashed have links to the finished project.

Replace front landscaping 
Replace front post
Add grass
Spray paint chain link fence
Add another parking pad
Planting along parking fence
Paint front porch
Bench on front porch
Paint house

Hide AC
Block crawlspace opening
Add plants to side yards
Add pebbles along north side
Add rubber pads for dumpster

Paint patio
Add furniture to patio
Add firepit to back yard
Remove brick flower bed
Resod backyard
Replace back fencing
Add surround to large tree
Replace shed

Replace front door
Replace closet door
Hang curtains
Add overhead light over dining table
Add side lamp by tv
Replace AC air handler
Fix ceiling issue
Stain scratches in ceiling
Paint walls
Change opening to kitchen
Fix outlets
Add chair?
New floor?
Add stone accent wall behind tv

New floor
New cabinets
New appliances
Add backsplash
New lighting
Paint walls
Replace exterior door
Replace pantry door
Replace office door?

Replace vanity, toilet & shower
New floors
New lighting
Remove storage
New drywall/tile
Replace bathroom door?
Add storage
Replace shower curtain

Add doorway in hall
Remove doorway between rooms
Replace carpet
Replace lighting and ceiling fan
Add daybed to small guest
Add curtains
Paint walls
Replace blinds

Add chairs
Replace tile
Remodel walk in closet
Paint walls
Add curtains
Add art
New lighting

Replace floor
Add AC opening
New washer and dryer
Surround water heater
Replace backdoor
Replace door to office
Add wood blinds
New lighting

New floors
New lighting
Renovate bathroom
  New sink/vanity, toilet & shower
  New floors
  New vanity
  New lighting
  Add lighting
  Add ventilation
Remodel closet

While we have made some progress, it looks like there's a lot left to do.  Hopefully, in the next couple of months we can knock a couple more of these off this list. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pinning and Pining: July 2013

I've been pinning much more this month.  Most of it is inspiration for our kitchen reno, but I have found some other interesting things.


 I think this is beautiful.  I'm sure this is nothing new, but I have never seen this before.  Now to find the perfect bottle.

Exchange out the rug, and I think I would plan a hallway to look exactly like this.  Dark, Dramatic, Sophisticated, and Functional.

I would love to have Nick walk into the house and see a bunch of these on the couch.  If anyone knows where I can get these, please let me know.  It'll be Nick's birthday gift.


When I get a new iPad, I would love a custom DODO Case.  Check out the website where you can Build-a-DODO, a custom Ipad case.  You have the option for solid or patterned fabric, and leather.  You can even monogram the case.  

FOOTBALL!  I miss football.  The season can't start soon enough.  I've been reading three football books this offseason, but it has been of little help.  August 4th (Hall of Fame Game) can't come soon enough!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Shoe Storage

Over a year ago, we finished up our master walk-in closet.  Since then, we hadn't changed anything.  Until, this weekend.  Nick has since acquired too many shoes for his current storage, so I added some storage for him.

These are two 24 in shelves from ClosetMaid, stacked on top of each other.  They match the closet system that's on the right side of the closet.  And it only cost $20.  As you can see, there is room for Nick to get more shoes if he wants (just don't tell him that).  Here's how it look in the closet.

Look in the lower right corner.  Yep, it looks pretty good.  Almost as if it was originally planned that way.  Just for fun, here's a shot of Dino in his favorite spot, a shelf in the master closet.

PS. AFI Top 100 Update: We watched 2 movies we had seen before, but not together.  #13, Star Wars, and #87, 12 Angry Men.  22 down, 78 to go.
Sunday, July 7, 2013

Kitchen Reno: Trim Options

One of the forgotten or overlooked features of a renovation is the trim.  I learned this lesson when we did the bathroom renovation.  I am planning this time.

We will have a large opening between the living room and kitchen, and 9 doorways combined between the kitchen, office and hallway.  I would like the trim to seem like they belong to the house, and the rest of the trim around the house.  That means I need something a little on the traditional side.

Here's the inspiration:


 The last two are great.  The last one has the large opening between the living room and kitchen, that I am planning.  The one above it, has the trim detail I would like to have in the large doorway.  The top two inspirations are an example of what I would like to do to the other doorways.

How was your holiday weekend?