House Tour

We bought our home in 2011, and have been slowly making it ours.  It is slowly becoming what we want.  We are looking forward to working on projects, both big and small, that will transform the home.

The Floor Plan:

There have been many additions to the house since it was built in the 50s, including a 10x12 "room" unattached to the house.  We have no plans to add on to the home, but we do plan on changing the layout of the master bathroom, kitchen, and doorways to the guest rooms.

The Front Exterior:

The Living Room/Dining Room:

The Kitchen:

Left to do in the kitchen: Replacing exterior door, and lowering the pendants, and adding a stool.

The Hall Bathroom:

The hall bath went through a renovation in Spring 2013.  New tile, toilet, pedestal sink, storage, lighting, and trim were installed.  You can read about it here, here, here, and here.

The Small Guest Room:

This room will eventually be my office/guest lounge/emergency guest room.  

The Guest Room:

The guest room will undergo a few layout issues in the future.  The closet will be removed, and the original doorway to the hallway will be installed.  

The Office/Lounge:

 Nick's office has undergone the largest transformation since we moved in. 
Update (June 2013): We have painted and updated the lighting in Nick's office.
Update (August 2015): We installed laminate flooring in the office at the same time as the kitchen remodel.

The Laundry Room:

The laundry room will get different artwork, as this will be moved to my office/guest lounge, and a new light fixture.  I have also been planning on building a screen to hide the hot water heater (not pictured)
Update (June 2013): The laundry room looks good now.  It still need a new light fixture, and the screen around the hot water heater.

The Master Suite:

The master bedroom is nearly complete, but we are going to install carpet, and new lighting eventually.  The master closet is complete, but the master bathroom will undergo a large renovation in the future, most likely after the kitchen is complete.

The Back Exterior:

The back exterior has undergone small changes since we moved in.  We plan on painting the concrete a dark brown, and top the half wall with a board so it can be used as a table or seating depending on what we need. 

The Gym:

The gym will be getting a new roof spring 2013.  It is in very poor condition.  We will probably paint during that time as well.

So there is the house tour.  This little shack will get some nice upgrades over the next couple of years.  Keep coming back to Zoo View Home to see all the progress.


  1. Aunt Kim: Looks great, it's really starting to take shape.