Sunday, December 30, 2012

Xmas 2012

This week we spent time with Nick's family for the holidays.  It was fun; lots of laughing.  I've decided that a baby is often more entertaining for family than anything on TV.  Our niece, Abigail, was the center of attention. 

This was "Abigail Model Shoot Time"  She doesn't sit still, so it was difficult to get these two pictures of her.   She is so adorable in the tutu.

 Nick and I got her the little Razorback teddy.  She held onto it for quite a while during gift opening. 

Abigail got a haul.  The pile of toys was huge, and this isn't even all of it.  We got her the Razorback teddy, sensory balls, and 4 books.

On New Year's Day,  I will be reviewing 2012 resolutions, and revealing our 2013 resolutions.
Sunday, December 23, 2012

Guest Bedroom Update

With guests over this week, I have finished the guest room.  I've done some updates to the guest room.  I changed the artwork, and duvet.  I also changed the side table as well. 

In the new year, I plan to paint the walls, replace one of the blinds, and add curtains.  In the meantime, this will be where our guest will rest over the holidays.

Happy Holidays!
Sunday, December 16, 2012

Holiday Prep

The past couple weekends have been spent preparing for family during the holidays.  We worked on many unfinished projects that have been piling up for a little while now.  Here are the items we completed in the last couple weeks:
Fix closet organizer in guest closet
Add shelf to my office closet
Pulled weeds/manicured front landscaping
Added shelves to outdoor shed
Organized laundry closet
Cleaned laundry room
Cleaned my office
Moved dirt to low spots in back yard
Wrapped gifts

This week, and next weekend we will be cleaning, and getting the guest bedroom prepared for guests.  Nick's family will be flying in on Christmas Eve, and staying most of the week.  We are looking forward to spending some time with them.

Have you been finishing up any projects before family arrives?

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Bathroom Reveal

Over the past couple months I have been improving the guest bathroom.   First, I removed the old medicine cabinet.  Then, I added a shelf and artwork.  In November, I decided to paint the walls, because I hated the old color (Behr Eggnog).  After all that, I was left with a nice bathroom with ugly tile flooring.  So I decided to paint the floor. 
 I used Behr Porch and Floor paint.  I followed the directions on the can, using the recommended Behr primer.  So, down went two coats of primer.

Then I used the Porch and Floor paint, which I had tinted to Behr Ionic Sky.  Three coats later, and some touch up to the grout (which is the white primer), I was done.

I am OK with the floor.  It is suppose to be low luster, and I was expecting eggshell or satin appearance, but it seems nearly flat.  I am thinking about adding a clear coat to give it the feel that I want, but I have read that some clear coats yellow over time, and that would make the floor a little green.  I am a little unhappy with the color.  It's a little light, compared to what I had in mind.  But overall the bathroom is much better looking, and will do until we redo this room in several years.

Here's the before and after:

 These changes will do for now, but I'm looking forward to gutting this bathroom eventually.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Nick's Razorback Haul

While we were in Arkansas, we were on a mission to find as many razorback items we could.  We tried to avoid things we could get online, or cheaper elsewhere.  We started in Little Rock, at The Crown Shop.  It has a small Razorback section, but it has many items that aren't readily available everywhere.  Nick got a metal sculpture, and a print (football player), and I got two metal Xmas ornaments.

In Fayetteville, we went to the mall and found a plethora of items; A metal razorback sign, a pennant magnet, an Old Main framed print, a razorback basketball and football, as well as a football book.  I found more ornaments and a razorback shirt at TJ Maxx.

A quick stop to Walmart (I think it's obligatory when in NW AR) for tailgating drinks, resulted in a razorback flag, helmet "sculpture", and coasters.  We also stopped at Hawg Town, in Fayetteville, which was the surprise of trip.  It looks like it isn't open, but it is.  It's a mess, and it's awesome.  Lots of older items, unique things, and odd items.  There is even a small section of things that aren't for sale, but just to look at.  We found a sweet razorback business card holder, a Big Red football statue, and a gift for our niece.

We also found a metal razorback sculpture at Rick's Bakery, and planned on picking it up after Thanksgiving, but they were closed.  After emailing Rick's Bakery, I found out they could ship it to me.  This is Nick's Xmas gift, which I should get this week.

Overall, I think Nick got plenty of things on this trip. Now we just need to frame the print, and arrange the items.