Sunday, December 9, 2012

Bathroom Reveal

Over the past couple months I have been improving the guest bathroom.   First, I removed the old medicine cabinet.  Then, I added a shelf and artwork.  In November, I decided to paint the walls, because I hated the old color (Behr Eggnog).  After all that, I was left with a nice bathroom with ugly tile flooring.  So I decided to paint the floor. 
 I used Behr Porch and Floor paint.  I followed the directions on the can, using the recommended Behr primer.  So, down went two coats of primer.

Then I used the Porch and Floor paint, which I had tinted to Behr Ionic Sky.  Three coats later, and some touch up to the grout (which is the white primer), I was done.

I am OK with the floor.  It is suppose to be low luster, and I was expecting eggshell or satin appearance, but it seems nearly flat.  I am thinking about adding a clear coat to give it the feel that I want, but I have read that some clear coats yellow over time, and that would make the floor a little green.  I am a little unhappy with the color.  It's a little light, compared to what I had in mind.  But overall the bathroom is much better looking, and will do until we redo this room in several years.

Here's the before and after:

 These changes will do for now, but I'm looking forward to gutting this bathroom eventually.