Sunday, December 30, 2012

Xmas 2012

This week we spent time with Nick's family for the holidays.  It was fun; lots of laughing.  I've decided that a baby is often more entertaining for family than anything on TV.  Our niece, Abigail, was the center of attention. 

This was "Abigail Model Shoot Time"  She doesn't sit still, so it was difficult to get these two pictures of her.   She is so adorable in the tutu.

 Nick and I got her the little Razorback teddy.  She held onto it for quite a while during gift opening. 

Abigail got a haul.  The pile of toys was huge, and this isn't even all of it.  We got her the Razorback teddy, sensory balls, and 4 books.

On New Year's Day,  I will be reviewing 2012 resolutions, and revealing our 2013 resolutions.


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