Sunday, October 19, 2014

Vince is in the House!

Weeks ago, while shopping at Walgreens, I got a coupon, for a free 11x14 photo "poster".  I had taken a picture of the Vince Lombardi Statue outside of Lambeau Field many years ago.  I have always loved that picture, and I used the coupon as an opportunity to get it printed for free.  

I was delighted when I picked up the print.  It looked great.  I picked up a classic black frame from Target for $20.

So for only $20, Vince is in the house!  I really want to put it in the bathroom, but I think that might be a little creepy.  

We are still working on the finishing details of the kitchen.  Nick started the back splash behind the range, and I finished all the trimwork.  I will be working on caulking that trim this week.  
Sunday, October 5, 2014

Kitchen Reno: What's Left?

We have been slowly working on the kitchen.  The little details are slow going, and not noticeable unless pointed out.  Here's what we have left:

So as you can see what we have left is a couple small projects (pantry doors and backsplash) and lots of caulking and touch up painting.  It's slow going, but we will eventually get to the finish line.