Sunday, December 2, 2012

Nick's Razorback Haul

While we were in Arkansas, we were on a mission to find as many razorback items we could.  We tried to avoid things we could get online, or cheaper elsewhere.  We started in Little Rock, at The Crown Shop.  It has a small Razorback section, but it has many items that aren't readily available everywhere.  Nick got a metal sculpture, and a print (football player), and I got two metal Xmas ornaments.

In Fayetteville, we went to the mall and found a plethora of items; A metal razorback sign, a pennant magnet, an Old Main framed print, a razorback basketball and football, as well as a football book.  I found more ornaments and a razorback shirt at TJ Maxx.

A quick stop to Walmart (I think it's obligatory when in NW AR) for tailgating drinks, resulted in a razorback flag, helmet "sculpture", and coasters.  We also stopped at Hawg Town, in Fayetteville, which was the surprise of trip.  It looks like it isn't open, but it is.  It's a mess, and it's awesome.  Lots of older items, unique things, and odd items.  There is even a small section of things that aren't for sale, but just to look at.  We found a sweet razorback business card holder, a Big Red football statue, and a gift for our niece.

We also found a metal razorback sculpture at Rick's Bakery, and planned on picking it up after Thanksgiving, but they were closed.  After emailing Rick's Bakery, I found out they could ship it to me.  This is Nick's Xmas gift, which I should get this week.

Overall, I think Nick got plenty of things on this trip. Now we just need to frame the print, and arrange the items.