Sunday, November 4, 2012

Two Changes

After last weekend's project break, this weekend we worked on two projects.  First, we worked on lighting in Nick's Razorback office. 
If you look in the corner, you can the ceiling fan that was previously in the office.  It had a lot going against it.  The blades were too small to properly move air, the pull strings hang in the way when walking through the room, and one 40 watt light bulb hidden inside a frosted, textured fixture.  It barely lit the room.  I had Nick live without the fan for a couple months, to see if it was needed.

We installed the much hated, but perfect for this room, track lighting.  I don't find track lighting the most attractive, but it serves the purpose in this room.

We have lights directed towards specific areas.  Mostly towards artwork, and the bookcases.

The new lighting showcases Nick's Razorback artwork collection, which should get some additions when we get back from our trip to Arkansas.  The room is 10 times brighter, but also doesn't have any dark corners.

I also started working on the bathroom.  I painted the walls with the left over paint from my office.

Here's a side-by-side that shows you the difference:

Neither of these photos were edited.  You can see how the original bathroom looked faded and dirty with the eggnog paint color.  The new color makes the white look crisper, and cleaner.

We will be working on the floor in this bathroom in the coming weeks.  It should really transform this room into something good.


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