Sunday, March 4, 2012

Exterior Progress

My parents and I have been busy working on the front landscaping this weekend.  It really has come along nicely.  Much more color and better designed. 

If you look closely we have made several changes.  The light fixtures on the outside have been changed.  I was against a flood light on the right side of the house, so we found this exterior light that washes light down the wall towards the new Hibiscus tree.  My dad also fixed the siding flap that was wonky, replaced the light on the porch, and replaced the post that had water damage at the base. 

 My mom, Nick and I planted a Gardenia, a Bird of Paradise, boxwoods, Bougainvilleas, Trailing Lantanas, grasses, Dianthuses, and a Plum Fringe-Flower, along the front.  They are very colorful, and should flower for a couple months, or year-round depending on the plant.  I have some openings available to plant some other seasonal plants later in the year. 

We are about 85% done with the front, I believe.  We have remove the old walkway, plant grass throughout the lawn, paint the new post, caulk the post, paint the front porch and steps, and potentially add pot gardens and a bench to the porch.

It is a vast improvement to the front, which used to look sad, poorly planned, and poorly completed.  The cost of the whole project, including plants, top soil, mulch, light fixtures, and lumber for the new post was about $500, and about 3 easy weekends, and 1 busy weekend.

I will take pictures in a couple months so you can see how the plants and yard are doing.


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