Sunday, April 22, 2012

How To: Leading Edge Detail

The curtains are done.  Nick's been waiting a long time for them.  I think he never thought they would actually happen.  They are really simple to do.  I just actually had to do it.  I'm glad they are done.  They make the room look more finished. Here's how to add a leading edge detail.

What you'll need:
Ribbon ~8 feet per panel (for standard height ceilings)
Thread  (2-to match curtain fabric, and ribbon)
Fray Check or Fray Block

Sewing Machine
Rotary Cutter
Cut Mat
Quilters Ruler

What you'll do:

Wash, dry and iron curtains and ribbon. Follow manufacturers directions.

 All Clean!

Cut ribbon to length, pin to curtain's leading edge.

Sew ribbon onto curtain, ribbon-colored thread on top, curtain-colored thread on bottom.
       -I folded a half inch of ribbon over the top hem of the curtains, and sewed along the top.  I then applied fray check to raw edge of the ribbon.  I turned the curtains lengthwise and skipped over the rod pocket, and began sewing.  
      -If you have hem on the curtains you are keeping, fold ribbon over bottom hem before sewing, and sew to hem's edge.  Fray check the raw edge.
TIP: Make sure to avoid sewing the rod pocket closed on the top. 

Repeat down other side of ribbon.

Repeat sewing process on other panels. 

 Here's a completed panel

If you have excess length beyond your ribbon, remove excess fabric.
      -I did, Ikea makes really long fabric.

Hang curtains.  Pin to desired hem length. 
      -I do it this way, because even if your curtain rod is level, the floor might not be.  Not to mention, fabrics hangs differently, than when laid flat.
      -If you have a finished hem already, you're done.
      -I prefer a wide hem, but I didn't do it this time.

Iron the curtain's hem.

Sew the hem
      -I did a lazy hem; folded over, ironed, sewed, and fray checked the raw edge. 

 My lazy hem

Iron the hem again.

Hang curtains. You're done!

Looks better than the boring all white curtains.

Better, huh?


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