Sunday, April 1, 2012

8 Week Countdown

There is just under 8 weeks until my birthday, so I decided to get going on a 8 week countdown list of items that need to get worked on.  Once we get most of these projects done, it'll be time to work on the walk-in closet project, which was one of the New Year's Resolutions projects. 

8 Week Countdown
Curtains-office, guest room, living room
Paint post on front porch
Finalize plans for walk-in closet
Plant grass
Put down rubber tiles by dumpster
Shop for sideboard
Patch/spray office wall
Clean cubes in living room
Photograph bedroom
Move hose corral
Install light over dining table

As you can see, we've already completed some of the projects.  They were easy, but needed to be done.  

Any projects you're working on?



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