Sunday, April 14, 2013

April Landscaping: Finishing the South Side Yard

April is landscaping month here at Zoo View Home.  Last week, we added some plants around the air conditioner, and this week we finished up the rest of the south side yard.
I decided we need a little height to landscaping on the side yard, so I decided another Hibiscus tree would be perfect.  It has a non-invasive root system, which is perfect since the tree will be close to the house, and the underground plumbing.  

This pink Hibiscus matches the pink Hibiscus from the front yard.  This Hibiscus tree will double in height, and will provide some shade to the Hawaiian Ti.  

We also wanted to hide the plumbing access points along this side of the house.  Since the grasses were not appropriate around the AC unit, I decided that they would be good to hide the plumbing access points.


These fountain grasses were transplanted from the front yard.  When they get a little fuller they should help hide the plumbing access points.  



There is definitely an improvement to this side of the house.  I am quite pleased with the outcome.

What do you think?  Better, huh?                        


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