Sunday, May 6, 2012

Curtains and Art

We have been busy with lots of projects.  Two weeks ago we officially became an aunt and uncle.  Nick's sister had a beautiful baby girl, Abigail.

 For weeks before she was born, the in-laws and I were working on artwork for her room.  We picked out fonts and colors, and I had it sent to printers, thinking it would be ready before she was born.  She was born before I could finish it.  I finally got it done this week.  

The color is a little lighter than I had expected.  But I still like it.  I will be visiting the in-laws this weekend, so I might be able to take a picture of it in the room. 

I was also working on the countdown list.  This week, I was working on the curtains in the living room.  I bought two pairs of Ikea curtains (Henny Rand) that I had been admiring for a while.  I put them up, and have them pinned for the hem.  Hemming will be done this week probably.  

 This is a bad photo, but I will show better photos when I am done hemming.

Have any of you finished some projects lately?


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