Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Weekend Blogathon: Day 1

For the usual readers, I usually post on Sundays but for the holiday weekend, I will be posting everyday this weekend.  Yes, Friday, Saturday, Sunday AND Monday.  We have decided to redo the master closet this weekend, and will be keeping all of you updated with the progress daily.   
Here's how the closet looked before.  It seems to have lots of storage, but it really doesn't.  You couldn't use the double rod on the left side, and the shelves in the back were difficult to access.

Here's how the master closet before:

Here's the plan for the new closet:

 The plan is to have shelving on the left for shoes, and a double rod for Nick's clothes on the left.  The right side will have a double rod for my clothes, shelves, and a single rod for long items.  

Come back tomorrow to see how far we have gotten with the new closet.


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