Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Weekend Blogathon: Day 4 The Reveal

Well, we are finally done with the closet.  It took about 2 full days to complete, which we spread out over the weekend.  It cost us a little over $500 total; slightly over budget.

Without further ado:

 This the right side of the closet.  The double rods in back are for my clothes, and the long rod in front is for Nick's dress shirts, and my dresses (yes, multiple dresses).  The center shelves hold bedding, Nick's hats, Nick's shorts, a pair of sneakers, and some empty boxes waiting for expansion.  The boxes across the top hold cool weather blankets. 

This is the left side of the closet.  The back double rods are for Nick's polos and dress pants.  The shelving is for my things.  The top shelf is for seasonal, and fat/thin clothes.  I've put all of my handbags/wallets on the shelf, and used magazine holders to keep them orderly.  Towels and pants on one shelf, and little boxes to hold hats, scarves, and belts on another shelf.  More shelves for shoes, and drawers for "floor" clothes, workout clothes, and pajamas.  The narrow shelves are for shoes.  I have dress shoes in storage boxes, and a drawer at the bottom for flip flops.

I'm glad to be finished with the closet.  I've been working on it for months now.  I've looked at hundreds of pictures of closets, planned out the space multiple times, and window shopped for the supplies.

Here are some things I found to make your closet look good and function:
1.  Use identical hangers. 
          Whether you have plastic, Huggable, or wooden hangers, as long as they are all the same it will make your closet look cohesive.
2.  Find similar storage boxes.  
          We chose Ikea boxes because I could get a variety of box sizes for cheap.  Plastic containers, fabric boxes, or other storage boxes are all great options.  Make sure all lids match though.
3.  Utilize the height of your room.
          We added a board on top of the right side so we could add more storage to the room.  If we didn't do that, we would have lost out on a 11 in tall area to store blankets, and bedding. 
4.  Maximize hanging space.
          Double rods are awesome.  Most people don't need a lot of tall hanging space, so double rods will literally double your hanging space. 
5.  Be prepared for growth.
          People accumulate clothes, so think about the future, not just the present.  We have room for growth with the systems we put in place.
6.  Use similar color throughout.
          We chose white because it was the easiest to match with the different closet systems.  But "cherry wood" is a very common color as well.


  1. I just read your post over on "I Heart Organizing"--Oh My Goodness Gracious Sakes!! What a great plan. Think my closet is heading for a make over this summer. Thx so much for sharing with us!

  2. Great closet makeover! Very inspiring, also popping over from I heart Organizing

  3. Hi - Me again. I've just gone through Apr-May postings and really enjoyed your blog. Is there any way to set it up so we can subscribed via emails?

    1. I'm glad you like Zoo View Home!
      I don't currently offer subscriptions via email, but I do offer subscriptions via RSS. I will consider adding subscriptions via email, though.

  4. hey, loved the makeover. Sources?? dying to know where those magazine holders from?

    1. Most things are from Ikea, Home Depot or Target.
      The magazine holder are from Ikea. You'll find them near their Besta system.

  5. Hi! I'm coming to you from iheart organizing & I love your organization! Our closets have similar layouts (minus the recessed area) & wire shelving that isn't working for us either. I've been looking for a new system but ours is just large enough to be a walk-in. What are the dimensions of your closet?

    1. If there wasn't a recessed area, it would be 6'7" x 4'7". Our doorway is 2'2", and is centered on the wall, so we only have 1'2" on one side, and 1'3" on the other.

  6. I love your closet! My closet is also similar in size and layout to yours and I really need to redo mine. The burning question I have that I can't decide on myself is: do you plan on taking the Ikea storage units with you when you move? I know it is not something you are thinking about but since this did cost some $$ and if it were me, I wouldn't want to leave it. Just wanted your thoughts. Thanks.

    1. We are leaving the Ikea units. I believe the closet will be a selling feature for potential buyers. If you do plan on taking them with you when you leave, let potential buyers know this.