Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Weekend Blogathon: Day 2

Well, Friday night, we emptied out the closet.

After dinner, Nick decided to start to demo the closet.  The flippers (we bought the house from some flippers) did a great job of installing the closet, and then painting over the installed pieces. (Sarcasm!!)

So we had to patch, sand and paint the walls.  I was a little unhappy with this, because it just shows the quality of the flippers work.  
After fixing the walls, we started with a clean slate.

The rest of the morning we installed the Pax wardrobes from Ikea.  In the afternoon, I worked on the double hanging rods.  Because I was planning on Nick hanging his suit jackets on the double rods, I decided to add some extra depth to the hanging rods, to accommodate the extra width of the suit jackets and its hangers.

These are two 1x2s screwed into the stud.  The extra 2 inches should help with the width of the suit jackets. 

We are done with the left side of the closet.  

 Tomorrow, we will finish the right side of the closet.  I'm looking forward to finishing it up and filling it back up.

See you tomorrow!


  1. What a great use of space! The "before" would have driven me nuts too, but I love the "after".