Sunday, June 2, 2013

Kitchen Reno: Lighting Plan

This weekend we went looking for flooring to match our current living room.  Sadly, we found out that the manufacturer that likely makes our current flooring changed their product lines.  So I cannot talk about flooring, like I had planned, until I figure out what I want to do now. 
A couple weeks ago, I showed the potential design for the kitchen.  What you don't see is the lighting.  We currently have two flush mount lights (aka boob lights).  They are a little dim, and leave areas that are a little darker than I would like.

My plan is to make it brighter, since we have very little natural light coming in, and are planning on dark cabinets.  In a perfect world, we would hire an electrician, remove the current lights, and add about a dozen recessed lights, and three pendant lights.  We are not in a perfect world, and our options are limited.  So I have decided that track lighting might be best.  I think we will use a silver flexible track lighting system.  Track lighting can be ugly, but I'm hoping this won't be.  Some of my inspiration:

The last one is most similar to what I have planned. I was thinking of having 2 half squares with rounded corners, one set of lights for small spot lights, and another set for pendants lights. 

The advantage for us right now, is that we can install them at anytime.  We don't have to wait until the renovation to do it.  I am considering doing this sometime in the near future.

AFI Top 100 Update:  On Memorial Day we watched #26, Mr Smith Goes to Washington, and #76 Forrest Gump.  18 down, 82 to go.


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