Sunday, June 23, 2013

Simple Bathroom Fix

A couple weeks ago Nick was vacuuming the bathroom (vacuuming works great at getting all of my hair off the floor) he knocked off the faux drawer front panel from the vanity.  One problem, no clamps.  Nick had seen a great deal once, but was waiting until we needed them. 

Home Depot
Yes, this is an 8 piece set for less than $30.  We kept looking for them in the stores around the area, but never found them.  We think they are an online only deal.  Clamp sets in the store were smaller (4 pieces or 6 pieces), but they we charging more ($50-$70).  We decided to try Home Depot's free ship to store option.  A week later, we picked them up.  If you need clamps, get this deal!

Back to our problem, the fallen panel.  Enter wood glue and our new gotta-good-deal clamps.




Back to normal.  I'm hoping to get to this bathroom a year after the kitchen, which seems to be forever away.  

Anyone else finish a simple project lately?


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