Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pinning and Pining: June 2013

It's been a slow month for me in terms of pinning and pining.  Not too many pins, and haven't been pining for anything lately.  My husband is pretty lucky! hehe



I love this room.  I love that the height is accentuated by the vertical planks of wood.  I love that it continues on the ceiling.  I love the wall of windows.  I love the furniture.  I would love to see what this room looks like at night.

I have a set of nesting star cookie cutters that I use at Christmas to a 3 dimensional Christmas tree.  I love this idea as another option for the cookie cutters.


Now this is an iPhone case!  I love the zebra wood because it reminds me the most of latitude lines.  I also like the color of the sapele wood.

I sense a theme here.  Another map.  Nick and I both like these, but we don't really have a space for them.  The walls are pretty full right now.


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