Sunday, June 9, 2013

New Plantings

I have been working on lots of projects in the past couple of days.  Hopefully, I can finish them in a reasonable amount of time.  This weekend, I was able to finish up one project though.  I added some new plantings to the front yard.  I have found after a year with these plants, that we needed some changes.

I added a dwarf penta to the hibiscus pot.  If they grow nicely, I may add them elsewhere in the front landscaping. 

I removed the trailing lantana and replace it with another purple heart plant.  I found that the trailing lantana didn't quite grow as I had expected from research.

I added some canna lilies in place of the bougainvilleas.  I love the color the leaves bring to the yard.  That wasn't the right spot for the bougainvilleas anyway.  It was getting far less light than it needs, and was being eaten by some insects. 

I will be working on other projects which I hope to complete and show you soon.


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