Sunday, June 16, 2013

Paint Sample Art

I have found that when I get free paint samples, I never use it for testing on the wall.  I hoard them, thinking I'll come up with a project for them someday.  That someday finally happened. 
I have been looking for art for a corner in the bathroom, tall and very narrow art to be exact.  I never found anything quite right though.  I was going through some old pre-pinterest pictures I saved.  I found this:

(saved so long ago, I don't know who to credit.  If you know, let me know)

Take a look at the 4 piece on the left.  I thought I could make a small scale version of that for the corner.  I could even use those free paint samples I have laying around. 

Simple directions for this: 
1. Buy wood, size is your choice
2. Sand it smooth, if necessary
3. Tape off areas
4. Paint 
5. Remove tape
6. Repeat steps 3-5, when paint is dry
7. Attach hangers of your choice

Here's how mine look:

So I used 4 paint samples I got for free on this.  It was a great solution to my problem, and it was only $10 for the wood and hangers. Gotta love cheap projects, and in my case finished projects.

PS.  I'm trying out some photo footers, and logo options.  What do you think?


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