Sunday, May 12, 2013

Master Bedroom Artwork

When I was in elementary school, I would do reports on countries around the world.  I remember doing one on France when I was in 4th grade.  I also remember doing reports on Peru, Zaire, and Thailand also.  I have always loved geography, and maps.
Nick and I often stroll around our local Home Goods looking at things, and globes always seem to catch our eyes.   I think we have 5 globes, and now at least 5 maps.  Here are the newest cartographic items:

This is a map of my hometown.  Those of you not familiar with maps, my map says I grew up in a rural region with both wooded and treeless areas, and with some hills.

This is Nick's hometown.  His map says he grew up in a small town, that is almost entirely flat and treeless.  I think this photo of Nick's nightstand describes him perfectly.  Two remotes, a magazine (Lucky Peach, it's awesome), a thick book (The Emperor and the Wolf), and a fan.  So, he likes electronics and technology, he's a foodie, enjoys reading, and movies, and is always hot.  Yea, that's about right.

I got these maps from My Topo.  I originally wanted USGS prints, but they were out of both of ours, and Nick's hometown is split in half.  My Topo allows you to choose size of your map, scale (we chose 1:24,000 for both of ours), and center of map.  They also have aerial maps as well.  
As with all of our prints, we got the frames from IKEA, and custom mats from Michael's.  I think each framed map was about $50.  Not too bad.

Anyone else love maps or globes as much as us?

AFI Top 100 Update: We watched #60, Duck Soup, and #45, Shane. 16 down, 84 to go.


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