Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer Planting

Last week I showed the progress of the exterior plants, and because of that success, I decided to plant some potted plants for the porch and inside of the house. 
 This is what I started with:
 Three pots from Ikea (years old) and one sad plant.  It is very top heavy, and the bamboo skewers that were keeping it upright when it was younger no longer do the job.
 This is what I bought:
 I love my Hibiscus tree so much, i decided to get this little guy. I picked up the violet at the grocery store after looking at it for weeks.
 Here's what I ended up:
 I'm hoping to keep these alive.  Potted plants have been difficult for me in the past.  

I'm thinking about getting a bigger pot and adding it next to this one.   Maybe sometime next year.  

Anyone do any plantings recently?


  1. Love those Ikea planters and your choice of flowers. they look great! I have a planter by my front door (which I have yet to photograph and share) full of dahlia's. Its blooming like crazy right now b/c of the great summer weather.

    Here's a link to my backyard which I tried to spruce up with hanging flower baskets...what do you think? LOL