Sunday, July 29, 2012

Elbow Grease

This week we were busy with small projects.  
-Painted Kitchen Door
 We removed a little blind and an eye and hook from the kitchen door a long time ago.  I lightly sanded those area, filled the holes with filler, and painted it to match the door. 
-Dumped concrete/brick
 This was a third load that we have dumped.  The pile in the back of the house is looking much better.  It will take probably 4-5 more loads to get rid of all of it.
-Cleaned Oven
  I made White Macaroni and Cheese, and it overflowed out of the dish while baking so there was a huge mess.  I did a search on Pinterest, and found a great recipe to clean the oven out.  It doesn't have any weird chemicals you'll find in other oven cleaners.  Perfect for my sister!
4 drops of dish soap
6 tbsp baking soda
splash of vinegar
Make a paste and spread on oven.  Let sit for for hours.  Scrub with some elbow grease.
 I tripled the recipe for my mess.  I also found that pouring extra vinegar on the baking soda paste in the worst parts of the oven helped.  I think next time I will use a spray bottle instead of pouring.
-Cut and Sanded shelves
 Yep, we finally got the shelves cut and sanded.  We will dry fit all the pieces, and then paint.  Hopefully soon.
-Adapted frame for art
 I bought a piece of artwork on Etsy, and found a frame I liked, but it didn't have anything to hang it on the wall, so I added 2 small eye hook and wire to hang it.  

So lots of little projects worked on.  Maybe I'll finish some so I can start some more.


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