Sunday, November 13, 2011

Snowball Plumbing

So we had some minor plumbing problems.  We decided to finally get the main line cleaned out.  We called up Tampa Bay Plumbing to clean out our main line.  The plumber couldn't find the main line access so he went to the roof to do what he had to do.  He then went to put in an access point to the main line, and saw some poorly done plumbing.

It was dark, so the plumber showed up today to properly plumb around the main line access.  Well, here's the mess that has ensued.  

During the dig, they found that most of the main line was full of gunk.  The line must be replaced.

So what started as a simple, quick and easy main line clearing, has turned into 50 feet or so of new main line. They are doing an excellent job, but we will be tightening our wallets, during the holidays.


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