Saturday, November 19, 2011

BBQing like a fool

Along with a grill, Nick and I wanted to start BBQing at our new home.  Southern style BBQing, with rubs, smoke, and delicious smoke rings.  My godparents got us a gift cards for our wedding, and we knew immediately what we wanted.   We were able to get everything; smoker, chimney starter, chips, thermometers, etc, with the gift cards.  Thanks A&M!

The smoker works great.  We started with a 2.5 lb pork shoulder a couple weeks ago, and then this weekend, had spare ribs, broken down into st louis ribs, and rib tips.  Mmm, it was very good.  Can't wait to try some brisket. 

Side note: I sometimes talk in my sleep (hard to believe, I know), and Nick one night heard me announce, "brisket".  It's a running joke in our house now.  Have you ever heard someone say something funny while they were sleeping? 


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