Sunday, October 2, 2011

Photo Tour

So this will be a little walk through for you.  This is how we saw it in July, and how we bought it in September.  

I couldn't take a picture of the house without vehicles in the way, so I'm using the realtor's photo.

When you walk in the front door you enter into the living room.  

Through the archway, is the large, but awkward kitchen.

As you can see the fridge is lonely.  There will be plans to change the kitchen eventually. 

Down the hallway is a bathroom and two bedrooms.

The larger bedroom is only accessible through the smaller bedroom, which we plan to change.  All in time though. 

Back to the kitchen, and through the doorway, into the mystery room.  I believe this used to a master bedroom.

It has a large walk in closet, which eats up a lot of square footage.  We are waiting to make a decision on this room. 

You saw a peek of the laundry room, so we will go there next. 
This is a very large laundry room, with access to the back yard, too.  

Last, but not least, the master suite. 

I believe that the master suite is another addition to the house.  The bedroom is an average size, but it is dwarfed by our king size bed.  The closet organization was poorly thought out, and the bathroom is very tight.  

So there is your tour.  We have already started working on things around the house.  Once the dust has settled, and I will get new pictures up. 


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