Sunday, October 30, 2011

The motivation to buy a house

Nick and I knew we wanted a house eventually.  There was no hurry, an apartment would do for a couple years.  But like most apartments, we had rules we had to follow.  There was one rule that bothered us (Nick especially) more everyday; NO GRILLING OUT.  We had a little tailgating gas grill, that we used a couple times.  But it didn't get hot enough, and it would send smoke signals out alerting everyone that we were breaking the rules.  I know, we're rebels.

I knew that I could sell Nick on the moving sooner rather than later, if I reminded him that he could grill out anytime.  I also mentioned that a mortgage payment (including taxes and PMI) would be equal to our rent payment.  He was sold.

We didn't even have the house yet, and he knew exactly what he wanted.  Of all of the grills available in the world, he decided on a Char-Broil Red infrared grill (ooohh, aaahh).  

We finally got the grill last week, and started with steaks and burgers.  It works just like they say.  Great sear with all the juiciness you can handle. It's a textbook steakhouse steak at home.  Nick is like a kid in a candy store.

PS. Char-broil isn't paying us, but it would be nice if they would.


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