Sunday, March 2, 2014

Removing Trim

This weekend, I cleaned up some of the landscaping.  It has been neglected for some time now.  I looks much better, but still needs another weekend of work.

I also worked on ripping out some trim for the kitchen reno.  It needs to be done, but I hate it.  The flippers that sold us the house added texture to the wall, and just taped around the trim, flooring and cabinets.  It was not done well either.  I can see in every room, where the texture is on the trim.  This along with, what appears to be 10 layers of paint and 2 layers of caulk, makes ripping out trip back breaking.  I was able to get the little hallway off the kitchen done Sunday afternoon.

I hope to get more trim removed throughout the week. 

PS. Sorry, no post next week.  Nick and I will be in San Antonio, for his sister's wedding.


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