Sunday, November 24, 2013

Cabinets are ordered!

The cabinets are ordered!  Ikea is offering up to 20% off your kitchen purchase until early December.  I know that they will offer another sale early next year, but only after we begin our kitchen reno, so I had to order the cabinets now.  They will be delivered in a couple weeks.  I originally wanted to only order the cabinets from Ikea, and get everything else from other sources, so our kitchen wouldn't look like an Ikea catalog!  To reach the 20% off deal, I had to order handles and a hood in addition to the cabinets.  Mathmatically, those are both free with the 20% discount so I'm not too bothered.

Cabinet fronts:

Ramsjo in Black/Brown.  Simple and traditional, and not too contemporary for our 1950s home.


Varde Pulls.  These will add a little modern feel to the more traditional cabinets.  The round coins are optional.  I will try both on the cabinets to see which I like the most.


Luftig Exhaust Hood.  This was not my first option for a hood, but it looks nearly identical to the first option. 
It will all be delivered in a couple weeks, at which I will show the pictures of the 173(!!) pieces, and what it's beginning to look like.  I will be spending the coming weekends until we begin the reno, looking for the right granite countertops.


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