Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sideboard options

We normally have a table behind the sofa in the living room, but we moved it to the alcove in the living room.  It works great there, so I am trying to find a replacement for behind the sofa.  I keep thinking a sideboard would be nice, given its location would be next to the table we eat at.  Once the kitchen is redone, our current bar will not be needed.  Most of its content will go into the new beverage center area, but some things would go great in a sideboard, specifically cloth napkins, and tablecloths.

Enter Tarva from Ikea:
 Tarva is an unfinished pine dresser.  The possibilities are endless, and that's where I'm stuck.  I'm not sure what exactly I want to do.  My first thought was all dark stain like this one from My EnRoute life:

My EnRoute life
I also thought about a white and stain combo that is so popular right now:

Savvy and Savory

IKEA Hackers

I also thought about an all white option like this one from Mornings on Main:

Mornings on Main

Other options running through my mind are:
White top, everything else another color (navy, black, or deep green)
Patterned top, everything else white
Navy or deep green drawers, everything else white

Which option do you like most?


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