Sunday, October 14, 2012

New Blinds

When I walked through our house the first time as potential buyers, I noticed that only the front windows have faux wood blinds, and the rest of the rooms have the usual thin plastic blinds.  When you're outside, you can't tell the difference, but once in the room, it's obvious that the windows have difference blinds.  The blinds behind the dining table were the cheaper plastic kind, and it provided a bad glare on the TV.  Nick does not like glare.  This weekend we installed a matching faux wood blind for the window. 
The original cheap plastic blinds:
 New faux wood blinds:
It's not an obvious difference in the pictures, but it now matches the other windows, and cuts down on the glare.  We are happy with new blinds.

For those interested, these are the Home Decorators White Faux Wood Blind with 2 inch slats


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