Sunday, September 30, 2012

Small Projects

We worked on some small projects this week.  Last week, I added curtains to the small guest bedroom (my soon-to-be "office"). 

I put a set of blinds in the laundry room last week as well. 

These were originally in the small guest room, but I found that they darkened the room too much.  This room needs as little light as possible.  It gets very hot during the day, and more sunlight wouldn't help. 

I also finished the label design for the office walk-in closet.  I bought some name badge labels from Target, and came up with a label design with Illustrator.  Here's how they look on the bins:

I also found a very nice template for my blog.  I was unhappy with my other blog design, which I had done myself.  I think this looks cleaner, and less homemade.  What do you think of the blog redesign?


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