Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I Heart Organizing feature

The master closet is being featured on I Heart Organizing.  I have been following I Heart Organizing for a couple months now, and am so happy to have Jen feature our closet on her blog.  Her blog has provided a lot of inspiration for me.  Nick even follows it!  He's a little OCD about organizing, so I Heart Organizing is great place for him to find ideas as well. 
 Thank you to those who found me through I Heart Organizing!  
 A little background on us.  We started this blog to keep our families update with us.  We live in Florida, and our families are in Wisconsin, Arkansas and Texas, so they don't get to see us as often as either would like.  
We bought our house September 2011, and have been working on projects to make it ours. 

We are amateur DIYers, learning skills as we go.  I'm interested in interior design, and am happy to finally have a place to find my style.  My father is a carpenter (Castle Rock Carpentry, Wausau, WI), so we have a professional to help us when we need it.
I usually post every Sunday, about what we have done in the last week.  
We are planning some small and big projects in the next couple of weeks, including another closet makeover!
I hope you enjoy Zoo View Home!


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