Sunday, June 17, 2012

Clean cubes

I finally got to nearly finish the countdown list.  The cubes (Ikea's Expedit) are clean, and organized.  It has always been a dumping ground.  We organized it with boxes, magazine holders, and trays.  
Here's the before:
 Not pretty huh?  With a little tweaking we have this:
 We now have a mail area; two trays that serve for mail and magazines/catalogs.  
 I have an area for my items; wallet, keys, sunglasses, etc.  My lunch bag is in the cube below.
 Here are some more shots.
That's "Bock-Bock Chicken".  My siblings and I use to ride it when we were very little.

So there it is, cleaner cubes.  Now it's time to begin work on the big walk-in closet.

PS-What do you think of the new header?


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