Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

As I said yesterday, I was going to tell you our 2012 plans as they stand right now. 

-Reduce our credit card debt
-Start a Roth IRA
-Increase savings (future home improvements)

-Go on a vacation together (Razorback Game?)
-Spend time with friends and family (home and away)
-Spoil our future niece (due in May)

-Complete room-by-room project list
-Hang curtains
-Buy chairs for lounge
-Redo walk-in storage closet

The walk-in closet, which is in the office/lounge, was originally going to be completely removed to offer a second living room.  But after some consideration, we decided that having a large closet (essentially the only storage closet) to store common household needs; tools, games, guest bedding, cords, etc. was necessary. 

My plan is to remove the shelves that are currently in there, and add new shelves along the back, and add some lighting.  Eventually we will remove the bi-fold doors, and put in a standard door.   

What are your plans for 2012?


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