Sunday, January 29, 2012

Castle Rock Carpentry

This weekend was Xmas with my family in Wisconsin.  Since I live so far away I only get to see my family a couple times a year.  But my parents have a big house, so I get to stay with them and see them the entire time I visit.

My father is a carpenter, and owns his own company, Castle Rock Carpentry.  He is very talented, and I am always impressed with what he can do.  My parents house is a perfect case in point.  I can only describe it as a log-less log cabin.  It has some custom woodwork in the den, up the stairway, and around the fireplace.  

My parents worked on the interior designing together, using earth tones, and medium and dark woods throughout the home.  It is filled with vintage and antique items, as well as items from nature.  Perfect for a north central Wisconsin home. 

Since most of the work was done by my dad, it's truly a showcase of his talents.  So if you're in the Wausau, WI area, and are looking to do a remodel or build, don't hesitate to call Castle Rock Carpentry at (715) 803-5313.


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