Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 Resolutions

Happy New Year!

A review of 2014 resolutions

2014 Resolutions:

Finances:-Start a Roth IRA -Increase savings again-Get life insurance

Relationship:-Go on a vacation-Continue watching AFI's Top 100-Try 2-3 new recipes/restaurants per month 

Home:-Renovate Kitchen-Hem curtains-Clean up backyard

I left my job in July, so some things were more difficult with tighter finances.  This is also why we will have some changes to our 2015 resolutions.
We did continue to watch AFI movies, but slowed down considerably.  We hope to watch more this year, than 2014.
We did renovate the kitchen.  We are about 90% complete.  We need some assistance with some things, and will get help the end of January with that.  Nick did work on the backyard, but more is needed to finish it.

2015 Resolutions:

-Increase savings account
-Start and maintain reasonable budget

-Continue watching AFI's Top 100
-Try at least 1 new recipes/restaurants per month

-Finish kitchen renovation
-Paint living room
-Clean up backyard

This year is about limiting spending, and maintaining a budget.  Should be a fun year.


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