Sunday, November 16, 2014

Pantry Doors

While I was reviewing options for the kitchen renovation, I knew the pantry had to stay, but I hated the bi-fold doors.  They never closed all the way, and sometimes got off the track.  I found this tutorial from 2 Little Superheroes that turned bi-fold doors into french doors.  I was in love instantly.  I would be able to reuse the old doors, and get to use the back of the doors to hang aprons, and potholders.  Win-Win!

Here is what it looked like before; with doors removed:

Here it is now:

I originally painted the doors Fedora by Behr, but the color was too greenish brown, and not nearly dark enough.  I repainted it Black Suede by Behr. The color is so much better, and from a distance looks like the black-brown color of the cabinets.

I put the hinges about equidistant  from each other, but if I would do this again, I would put the hinges farther apart from each other.  It's a minor issue, and a lesson learned.

We are nearly done with the kitchen.  More pictures next week.  We have purchased the pendant light for above the island, but those won't be installed until I have help, because of some unusual electrical work in the house.