Sunday, April 13, 2014

Kitchen Renovation

I have been missing for several weeks now.  It has been very busy around here. Let me show you what I mean.

Flooring removed:

Wall Opened Up:

Repair and Install Floor:

Cabinets Installed:

Drywall Repair:

Adding Doors, Drawers, Side Panels, and Pulls:

Yes, we've been busy!
I am so lucky that my dad and mom were able to come down and help.  Without them, I'm not sure this project would have happened.  Since my dad is a carpenter, and experienced with renovations, I knew there was nothing this house/renovation could throw at him, that he couldn't handle.  It was mesmerizing watching him figure out the wall opening.  A couple softball-sized holes, and he was able to get the doorway prepped for location and demo.  I promised both of my parents next time they visit, there will be no big projects. 

We still need the countertop installed (we've got a quote coming this week for this), install the sink/plumbing, attach trim and moldings to cabinets, and add trim to floors/doorways.  It feels like we're in the homestretch though. 

I will try to keep you updated in the coming weeks better than I have.  Working on a Pinning and Pining for April too.


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